Thursday’s NBA Fantasy Plays for 3/24 – 3/27

As usual on Thursdays it’s a small set of NBA games, we’ve only got one game on the SideLeague slate tonight and it’s Rockets/76ers, so I hope you kept a roster spot or two open to get a couple of these guys on your roster. Let’s take a look at who you should go after.

Okay, can I keep it real with you guys for a second? There’s only one player that’s not a member of the Houston Rockets you should be taking and that’s Thaddeus Young. He’s good, Houston’s weakness is stopping the power forward. Thad should get his.

Now there’s a reason why the header is a picture of James Harden & Chandler Parsons laughing. Because I’m pretty sure they’ll be doing the same tonight. The Philadelphia 76ers have lost 25 in a row. TWENTY FIVE. Their last win was January 29th. Pick as many members of the Houston Rockets as you can. I feel really bad throwing a team under the bus like this but I’m doing this for you. James Harden & Chandler Parsons are my top choices. Just don’t overthink it.

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