Friday’s NBA Fantasy Plays for 3/28 – 3/30

Hey SideLeaguers, It’s Friday!!!!! It’s also a night heavy on NBA games. We’ll have 6 of those for you to choose players from. Let’s get straight to it.

Ty Lawson & Kenneth Faried, Denver Nuggets: Yeah, Denver just lost to the same Spurs team earlier this week. Yeah, Ty Lawson put up a stinker in that game. So what? Hear me out. Denver gets this one at home and there’s no way he’ll put up another dud just like that…right? Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see coach Popovich sit a couple of his starters for rest. He’s definitely a risky pick, but a risk I feel comfortable taking. Faried actually played well against San Antonio the other night and with Mozgov & Hickson out tonight, Faried should get all the minutes he wants tonight.

Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons: I think Drummond will have a monster game tonight. Miami doesn’t defend centers well and Drummond’s been a beast at times this year. Another risky pick because he can easily fall in foul trouble, but I think this is a risk worth taking.

Lebron James, Miami Heat: Okay, I’ve given you 2 risky picks so I should give you a pretty solid one here. It’s King James- I don’t have to give you much analysis here. He’s good. The Pistons aren’t so good. He should do well, especially if Wade sits.


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