The Top 5 MLB Home Runs of the Week. (4/4 – 4/10)

It’s Friday, which means its time to look back on the week’s best dingers. Let’s get into it! (Click screenshot for video.)

#5: Pedro Alvarez: El Toro took matters into his own hands with this home run, this would be the game winner against the Cubs. This blast went 446 feet, the farthest since 2012. Who hit it? Pedro Alvarez.

#4: Michael Morse: Morse dropped the hammer on this ball, sending it on a 449 ft. flight. Something tells me that Giants fans are gonna love this guy. A lot.

#3: Junior Lake: This 451 ft. homer by Lake had Cubs fans wondering if it had even landed yet. (It did, obviously.) Don’t worry Cubs fans, I’m sure he’ll hit one to Evanston soon enough.

#2: Justin Upton: The definition of a crushed baseball. This was the longest homer at Turner Field (477 feet) since Adam Dunn crushed one 479 feet in 2010. Only thing better than the home run? The Mets pitcher’s reaction.

#1: Giancarlo Stanton: This was the longest home run in the young history of Marlins Park. This 484 ft. blast was majestic and violent at the same time. There’s no way this couldn’t be #1. Hell, it even destroyed the death star.

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