Your NBA Fantasy Plays for 4/23/14

Tonight here at SideLeague we’ve got all 3 games on the NBA Playoff slate for you and I for one couldn’t be more excited. There are quite a few matchups to take advantage of so I’ll give you some obvious choices along with some choices that may be a bit under the radar.

Tony Parker – On a night where a lot of people are going to be putting point guards like Damian Lillard, I think Tony Parker is the sleeper here. He gets a good matchup with Calderon and he’ll use his playoff savvy to make the matchup work in his favor.

LeBron James – You could hope that Chandler Parsons, Nicolas Batum and/or Kawhi Leonard get it done for you at the SF position, or you could go with King James. Why wouldn’t you put the best player in the NBA on your team.

Dwight Howard – I think the choice at center tonight is either Dwight or Al Jefferson. Al seems to be a bit banged up so I’m more comfortable with Dwight. He should do just fine against Robin Lopez.

Manu Ginobili – Another Spur that should take advantage of his defensive assignment. Monta Ellis isn’t known for his defense at all. Look for the vet to prosper in this situation.

Tim Duncan – Duncan’s a stud, but will be overlooked tonight. I’m sure the popular pick will be LaMarcus Aldridge after his superb game on Sunday night. I’m confident Timmy will put you in a nice spot tonight.

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