The Monday After… Your NBA Fantasy Recap for the Weekend of 4/25

curry mom and wife

These people are excited because they did well in SideLeague this weekend. Psyche, it’s Steph Curry’s mom & his wife.

Good day, Sideleaguers! Hopefully you don’t have a case of the Mondays. The NBA Playoff action was extremely entertaining this weekend and hopefully you were able to cash in on it. Let’s take a look at a few of the guys who led your SideLeague team to glory.

Lebron James – 30 points, 10 rebounds & 6 assists for James in a laugher of a Game 3 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats. Miami’s up 3-0 and looks to finish the sweep on Monday night. James even ‘allegedly’ stared down Michael Jordan as he broke away for a dunk. The King finished at 59 SL points and led all NBA player in SideLeague scoring for the weekend.

Paul George – The Pacers needed a big game from their star and they got it. George scored a team-high 24 points with 10 rebounds & 5 assists to help Indiana tie the series at 2. George’s big game led to 53 SL points.

Tiago Splitter – That’s right, Tiago Splitter had a nice game on Saturday recording his first playoff career double-double. 14 points & 13 boards for the Brazilian. How’d he do for SideLeague teams? 51 SL points. Oh & you know he took home that OVERACHIEVER OF THE WEEKEND! title.

Dwight Howard – Dwight was definitely a delight on Friday night hitting his 3rd straight double-double of the playoffs going for 24 points & 14 boards. D12 would finish with 51 SL points.

Stephen Curry – Curry came out guns a blazin’ on Sunday afternoon. The baby-faced assassin finished with 33 points, 7 rebounds & 7 assists. It was like watching someone get hot in NBA 2K. Curry finished with 51 SL points.

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