Thursday’s NBA Fantasy Plays for 5.1

We’ve got some seriously pivotal Game 6s tonight to finish up our NBA matches for the week. 2 teams could be going home tonight or they could live to fight another day…LET’S GET TO THE PICKS!

Indiana Pacers v. Atlanta Hawks (Hawks lead series 3-2)

A series that most people thought would be a snooze fest has actually been very competitive. However, the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference needs to pull out in win in Atlanta or they’ll see their season end long before they thought it would. I look to David West to be the guy who gets it going tonight. It’s gotta be West since Roy Hibbert thinks he’s the one who’s been banned from the NBA after that 0 point, 0 rebound performance in Game 5. For the Hawks, I’m gonna go with no one. It may sound weird, but there aren’t a ton of fantasy options that I’m comfortable with. In real life, they’re solid. Not here though.

Oklahoma City Thunder v. Memphis Grizzlies (Grizz lead series 3-2)

Another awesome series that’s seen 4 straight games go into overtime. I’m thinking after Kevin Durant was unnecessarily called out by a local newspaper that he takes the game into his hands tonight and forces a Game 7. However, if the Grizz were to shut the door tonight, I think Marc Gasol will be a big reason why. He’s definitely gotten his fair share of points and Kendrick Perkins can’t do much to stop him.

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