Top 5 MLB Home Runs of the Week (5/9 – 5/15)

There were a lot of can’t miss long balls that happened on major league diamonds this week. If you did miss them (It’s possible, you have a life and stuff) then we’ve got you covered with the best from the week. I present to you, the top 5 home runs of the week! (Click the screenshot to view.)

#5: Jose Abreu, 5/9 – There’s no other way to put it, but to say that Jose Abreu is good at hitting a baseball. Someday little children EVERYWHERE will be wearing Jose Abreu jerseys and trying to speak Spanish.

#4: Carlos Santana, 5/14 – After this game, this Toronto Blue Jays pitcher (identity withheld for his protection) took out his journal from his locker and wrote “Note to self: Don’t leave fastballs down the middle to Carlos Santana.”

#3: Brett Lawrie, 5/12 – I think every single person in the Rogers Centre knew that this ball was gone as soon as Lawrie connected with it. What a way to welcome yourself back from the DL, eh?

#2: Juan Francisco, 5/13 – Francisco may have hit this ball to Kitchener (another city in Canada if you were wondering) if he played outdoors. Side note: You see how the outfielders didn’t even bother moving? I love home runs that have that effect.

#1: C.J. Cron, 5/10 – This is C.J. Cron’s 1st career home run. When you hit it 468 feet, it’s safe to say that he’s gonna hit plenty more. Absolute bomb. (Side note: 4 of these HR were in Toronto. What’s going on in Toronto?)

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