Optimized Lineup for the MLB Weekend (5/16 – 5/18) Match

Another weekend has passed which means another match has ended. Hope you all were successful in taking down the competition. If you weren’t, then dust yourself off. It’s a new day. Let’s look at the top performers from each position during this weekend’s match.

P1: Drew Hutchinson – 80 SL points, 5/16

P2: Edwin Jackson – 71 SL points, 5/17

C: Wilson Ramos – 34 SL points, 5/18

1B/DH: Brandon Moss – 62 SL points, 5/18

2B: Brian Dozier – 42 SL points, 5/17

3B: Matt Dominguez – 55 SL points, 5/18

SS: Jimmy Rollins – 38 SL points, 5/18

OF1: Alex Gordon, 76 SL points, 5/18

OF2: A.J. Pollock, 64 SL points, 5/17

OF3: Josh Reddick, 64 SL points, 5/16

Lineup Total: 586 SL points.

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