The Stanley Cup Bet Between California & New York Governors Is Really Boring.

I’m sure New York Governor Andrew Cuomo & California Governor Jerry Brown are great guys. I’m sure they do a great job with their states. However, when it comes to bets? Yikes, these guys need some help. Let’s break it down.

If the Rangers win the Cup, Governor Cuomo gets: An organic, lightly salted brown rice cake and a book on the history of California.

If the Kings win the Cup, Governor Brown gets: A “Taste NY” gift basket full of New York products that taste like chicken wing sauce from Buffalo’s Anchor Bar and wine (no word if the wine will also taste like wing sauce.)

Is this a troll job? Gotta be right?

If Jerry Brown were to call me to place a bet and says “Well, if you win you get an organic, lightly salted..” I’d hang up right there. I don’t need to hear the rest. That’s an insult. BROWN RICE CAKES?! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY MADE THOSE?! If you’re gonna bet me, make it worth my while. Anything could possibly be better than organic lightly salted brown rice cakes.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard 6 year olds have more exciting bets than this.

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