Top 5 MLB Home Runs of the Week (5/30 – 6/5)

You know the drill. It’s Friday. Celebrate the end of the work week by watching some amazing home runs. As usual you can click the screenshot to view the majestic moonshots.

#5: Troy Tulowitzki on 6/3 – Tulo shows here one reason why he’s the NL All-Star vote leader at the moment. Tulo has just been something else in 2014.

#4: Michael Morse on 6/5 – Tony Cingrani threw Mr. Morse a nice changeup that Morse promptly deposited into the bank. The bank of seats! That didn’t really work did it? Ah well, either way he destroyed this baseball.

#3: Chris Heisey on 6/1 – This at the time was the go-ahead run in the game, it would later turn into the game-winning home run as the Reds beat the Diamondbacks, 4-3. This ball was absolutely crushed.

#2: Ike Davis on 5/30 – Ike SMASHES this ball. As they say in Pittsburgh, “CLEAR THE DECK! CANNONBALL COMING!” Funny stat. He has 4 home runs on the year. Half of them are grand slams.

#1: Giancarlo Stanton on 5/30 – Well, this was a pretty strong swing, eh? Giancarlo Stanton has 41 long balls at Marlins Park since it’s opening. No one else has more than SEVEN. This ball was crushed.

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