SideLeague’s MLB Fantasy Plays for 6.9.14

What’s up SideLeaguers! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend (not only in your SideLeague matches but in the real world as well.) Today starts another work week, also means it starts another weekday match. Remember, the Mariners & Rays couldn’t wait to play some baseball so they’ll be kicking our games off at 12:10 central. With all of that out of the way, let’s get into some picks!


Stephen Strasburg – IMO, Stras is the pitcher of the day and it’s not even close. I’m gonna give you other options but ya know. This is the one that you should look at most.

R.A. Dickey – Everytime I pick Dickey I get nervous. Rightfully so, he’s a gamble. He’s either gonna have a dominating game or he’s gonna crap the bed and give you negative fantasy points.

Charlie Morton – Under the radar play of the day. He gets a Cubs team that strikes out a bunch and are pretty inept on offense. Numbers-wise, Morton could be a sneaky sneaky good play today.


Evan Gattis – Remember that Evan Gattis that took the baseball world by storm last year? Well, he’s back. Currently on a 9-game hitting streak that includes 4 homers. Throw in the fact that he’s in Coors Field against an unproven pitcher and you could say you have a great pick on your hands.

Chris Davis – I think baseball fans everywhere are waiting for Davis to breakout. I think he’ll have some success against Jake Peavy tonight. Peavy gives up a lot of homers and Camden Yards is a fun place for hitters.

Ben Zobrist – Zobrist hasn’t lost a step coming off of the DL. He’ll show Erasmo Ramirez & the Seattle Mariners that as well.

Adrian Beltre – Beltre smashes LHP and T.J. House is not a good LHP. That’s super good. For Beltre, not for House.

Jose Reyes – 9-game hitting streak for Reyes. He should easily get to 10 against Nolasco.

Alex Rios – 5-game hitting streak for Rios currently who should also get to beat up on T.J. House otnight.

Michael Brantley – He’s consistent. So consistent, most people would consider his production quiet. Not me. I’m paying attention. So should you.

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