Twitter vs. DJ Khaled: NBA Analyst

So earlier this afternoon, DJ Khaled was a guest on the great ESPN program, “First Take.” Khaled is a Miami native so naturally, he has a stake in this year’s NBA Finals. Of course Game 1 came up.

My man Khaled Khaled (yes, that’s his real name. So nice, his mom named him twice) said San Antonio cheated and had the AC turned off and that the Spurs practice without AC. When asked for a source, Khaled Khaled said…

“The Streets.”  That’s right, the streets told DJ Khaled that the Spurs turned off the AC on purpose. Welp, that’s good enough for me. The streets sound like a very reliable source. He also made other valid points that you’ll see in the video. What did Twitter think of DJ Khaled’s analysis?

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