The San Antonio Spurs Are Your 2014 NBA Champions Recap. In GIFs!

The Miami Heat started off Game 5 en fuego, including a 17 point first quarter from Lebron James and then the San Antonio Spurs took their shot and hit them even harder finishing the series with a final score of 104-87 to secure the franchise’s 5th NBA championship. How did they do it exactly?

Well, for one we found out that Dwyane Wade may not have it like he used to…

Boris Diaw channeled E. Honda while playing defense

Manu Ginobili showed he could still throw it down.

All of this made Lebron James a sad frustrated man.

The Spurs however were all smiles & hugs…

Except for Coach Popovich. Even in victory he’s still stoic.

This concludes another NBA season. This is always my least favorite part of the year. Don’t worry hoop fans, the Draft is in 11 days. We’re like 2 weeks from free agency. I have the feeling we’re still gonna have fun this summer, fans.

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