The Best of the NBA’s Rookie Class Reddit AMA.

On Sunday afternoon the 2014 rookies of the NBA got together for some media obligations. One of them was doing a Reddit AMA. A Reddit AMA (ask me anything) is a forum where reddit users get to do exactly that. Ask the rookies any questions they may have. Of course not every question gets answered, but there are still great questions asked. Let’s get to the best of these questions!

ama1If you’ve ever seen Elfrid Payton’s hair, his answer makes sense.


Good to know that Russ Smith absolutey doesn’t care about what he eats the night before a game. That means he’ll TOTALLY eat this Hot Beef Sundae.


Joel Embiid. He’s already doing this answering interview questions thing right.


Hey James, I’m no health expert but I don’t think eating cheeseburgers daily is a good idea even if you weren’t an NBA player. Good to see making the pros means you’re taking your health seriously though.


At least Nik Stauskas is honest. I mean the 100 in shooting and 0 in everything else is a bit much, but he’s got the right idea.

ama6 ama7

Okay fellas.



I like the range of answers here. We get everything from pizza & candy to lobster bisque. Oh, to be young….

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