NBA Rookies Are Getting Some Great Advice.

Yesterday (Wednesday) the NBA held their Rookie Transition Program. All the rookies showed up, hung out and learned all kinds of important tidbits about making the switch to the pros. Sarah Lyall of the New York Times happened to be on hand for these tidbits. She’s got a lot of them so make sure to go to her Twitter feed to get them all, but here are a few of our favorite gems.

100% agreed with the no sunglasses inside. You’re not playing in the World Series of Poker. No need for that

Um, okay?

These guys didn’t get the memo.



Also valid. Can’t have Bob whateverhislastnameis spending your money.

100% true.

Huh? Is this when they go to buffets? Beware roookies, don’t end up like these gents.





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